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Trader: Wallstreet-Spirit

Wallstreet-Spirit BV is a company founded by Martinus van Dolder. He led a team which developed a master-algorithm that can be adapted for many markets and trading systems.
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WS-907® offers prove that the algorithm works well.
System Information and System Features (supplied by signal provider)


WS-907® is the first trading system on the basis of our algorithm, which we offer here on Systems2Follow.  This raises the question: What is an algorithm? According to Prof. Malte Ziewitz of Cornell University, a world authority on this subject, an algorithm is a step-by-step mathematical procedure for the calculation of the solution of a problem, given a set of data. That sounds complicated and perhaps it is. But we made the systems a lot simpler for you.


In our case an algorithm is a set of mathematical formulas, which describe the best possible profit, on the basis of consistent trading, with a large number of stock exchange data. As we described elsewhere on this site, we first developed a general algorithm. That algorithm can exactly indicate when to buy, when to sell, or when to close open positions. This general algorithm, however, must be adapted for every specific market separately. We made adaptations for several markets. The first of those, called WS-907®, has now become available here on Systems2Follow. It is a system for trading the AEX, which is the index of the Dutch stock exchange.

The calculated yield and the key figures which are deduced from it, are based on a starting capital of €13.238. This means that we included both Margin requirement and maximum drawdown in the starting capital. But at Systems2Follow an amount of €15.000 is required. Or a multiple of it, if more than one unit is followed. The reason to ask for €15.000 instead of €13.238 is to decrease the chance of not being able to trade any more after a period of Drawdown. 

The data in Table 2 after 1st October 2016 are left blank, because that is the date that live trading started via Systems2Follow. Consequently, performance data as from that date are shown at the bottom of this page in other graphs en tables.


Table 2. Monthly performance data of WS-907®


No fixed costs for participating in WS-907®

You can participate in WS-907® with a starting capital of €15.000. Or a multiple of it for multiple units. The money remains in your own account and is needed to let your broker copy the trades of WS-907®. You do not pay any fees to WS-907® if you want to participate. Yes, there is nothing wrong with your eyes: No fixed fees!** But, only if you make a profit, do we ask you to give us a small remuneration of one fifth of your profit. This means: No profit, no fees! But you may safely assume, that in most months you can share some of your profit with us.

But even so, 80% of that profit is yours!

And remains yours!

* after deduction of commission.


** Systems2Follow charges €30 per month for the software which automatically executes the trades of WS-907® for your account.


System Performance

Net Profit € 4879.42 32.52 %

System specifcations

Starting date

oktober 2016

Monthly subscription fee

20% performance fee

Monthly subscription fee

€30,- per month

Required Capital

€ 15.000,00


#Win/Lose Average profit / loss Profit factor




System Performance

Max. Drawdown € 8488.50 56.59 %
Largest profit € 2155.67 14.37 %
Largest Loss € 2655.00 17.70 %
Historical average return per month € 222.00 1.48 %
Historical average return per year € 2664.00 17.76 %
Expected number of trades per year 31  

Historical Data

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total

13.51% 6.25% 6.63% 26.39%
2017 1.72% 9.33% 7.38% 0.07% 0.87% -40.32% -4.93% 14.99% 8.43% 7.37% 7.35% -3.35% 8.91%
2018 20.01% -17.70% 13.71% -13.91% -11.38% 15.02% -8.53%



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