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Ruud van Megen

Ruud van Megen

Ruud is a successful trader since 1993.

Ruud van Megen started investing and managing his own capital in 1993. After experiencing the bearmarket 2000- 2003, he became interested in a quantitative approach to trading, that would not have to be focussing on performance only, but also on risk management. As a by now very experienced trader, Ruud puts risk management first. If performance of certain traders or trading systems is good for for example seven years, that still means nothing, when in the eight year the losses are so big that new followers lose most of their money. In Ruud's view a trading system doesn't have to be profitable all of the time, as this is nearly impossible; but the risk management should always be good.

Ruud became a financial advisor in 2007, with his advisory RVM Systematisch, which publishes each day a stockmarket letter for his clients. This advisory is still going strong today, with clients in the Netherlands. In the bear market of 2007 - 2009, the advisory was very succesfull. In the bullmarket to follow RVM Systematisch was also profitable each year, apart from 2011. 2011 was the only negative year for the advisory.

Apart from the advisory Ruud started in 2013 an investment fund.

When Systems2Follow began operations in the Netherlands around 2012, Ruud was one of the first investors who was asked to design a system that could be followed automaticly by followers who could subscribe and unsubscribe on a daily basis.

He developed especially for Systems2Follow the system RVM Daily. 

In 2016 he added on RVM Long Term Investment, for people who want to manage money for later, for their pension. 


Systems by Ruud van Megen

System Starting date P/L Rating
RVM Retirement sep 2016 -2.90 % C
RVM Strategy okt 2012 -23.99 % B
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