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Trader: Rolucoman

Rolucoman is an independent research company in the field of investing. We focus on long-term investments in equities and exchange-traded funds. These have led to proven stable returns in the past. We publish our buying and selling signals (investment tips) via platforms such as Systems2Follow. Rolucoman: thorough, profitable and transparent.
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THOROUGH: based on scientific research. PROFITABLE: average historical return of 18% per year. TRANSPARENT: you can see the realized returns and get insight into the principles and procedures.
System Information and System Features (supplied by signal provider)



Profitable. Average historical return of 18% per  year. Return based on the published figures of Systems2Follow by June 28 2017 plus 1.5% due to received dividend.

Transparent. The information is published via the independent Systems2Follow. This gives you the assurance that the performance figures are actually realized. In addition, we follow this strategy with our own money!


Thorough. Based on scientific research and strict statistical rules. During the research period also profitable during market crashes, provided that the strategy was followed for at least five years. In addition only focusing on equities, thus avoiding the risks associated with futures and options.

How does the strategy work?

With this strategy, we look at figures from the annual reports and apply a number of calculations. The result of this analysis is therefore predictable and independent of the person who performs the analysis.


The core consists of two questions::

  • How cheap is the company?
  • What is the quality of the company?

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For questions or comments:


All calculations and conclusions are based on the mentioned historical data. Results in the past are by no means any guarantee for the future. Determine your own appropriate course of action and only invest with money you can afford to lose. More information about the returns  you can find here. For our disclaimer: click here.


System Performance

Net Profit € 6055.67 40.44 %

System specifcations

Starting date

juni 2015

Monthly subscription fee

10% of the profit

Monthly subscription fee

€30,- per month

Required Capital

€ 15.000,00


#Win/Lose Average profit / loss Profit factor




System Performance

Max. Drawdown € 1395.00 9.30 %
Largest profit € 886.53 5.91 %
Largest Loss € 546.71 3.64 %
Historical average return per month € 174.00 1.16 %
Historical average return per year € 2088.00 13.92 %
Expected number of trades per year 19  

Historical Data

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total

-0.94% 6.17% -3.95% -2.91% 4.81% 4.49% -0.59% 7.08%
2016 -0.47% 2.40% 1.96% 1.33% 3.23% 0.45% 3.93% 0.92% 2.99% 1.95% -2.38% 1.60% 17.91%
2017 2.00% 1.13% 1.47% 0.19% -0.23% 4.73% -1.03% -1.06% 6.64% 0.69% 0.57% 2.12% 17.22%
2018 2.34% -4.85% -0.11% 0.85%



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