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THOROUGH, PROFITABLE and TANSPARANT. Rolucoman is an independent investment research bureau for the investment of stocks and etf's (exchange trading funds). We perform research since 2000. This knowledge is transformed into long-term investments that in the past have led to proven and stable returns.


Our method

Our approach can be described as: risk averse with a focus on the long term. To achieve that, our strategies are always based on sound (scientific) research. In order to keep the risk as low as possible, we mainly deal in equities and ETFs.

We use a number of criteria:

  • A strategy / system must show a successful back test of at least 15 years.
  • A system must be completely statistical / mechanical.
  • As far as the frequency of trading is concerned: less is better.


Our strategies are based on value investing, momentum investing en intramarket analysis.


Actions rather than just words

All transactions which we communicate, we carry out with our own money on our own account.

These transactions are published through the independent platform System2Follow to make sure you can verify for yourself that we put our money where our mouth is.


Rolucoman is founded by Roland Manuhutu (BSc administrative informatics, Eindhoven the Netherlands).

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All calculations and conclusions are based on the mentioned historical data. Results in the past are by no means any guarantee for the future. Determine your own appropriate course of action and only invest with money you can afford to lose. More information about the returns  you can find here. For our disclaimer: click here.


Systems by Rolucoman

System Starting date P/L Rating
Global ValueInvesting jun 2015 44.35 % A
AEX/Gold sep 2014 10.68 % C
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