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Risk Profiles

Explanation of the risk labels at Systems2Follow.

In addition to evaluating the individual systems given, we also try to evaluate the risks. This risk can also be stopped on the basis of the results.

  1. 1 = very low risk
  2. 2 = low risk
  3. 3 = little risk
  4. 4 = normal risk
  5. 5 = increases risk
  6. 6 = high risk
  7. 7 = very high risk

Can you lose more than your initial investment?

Basically not, unless a trader uses terming trades or options.

In case of a crash or a sudden extreme rise and the position is wrongly taken, and the margin call is not sufficient, it may be that your investment can be exceeded.

Can a trader lose more than the initial capital?

Yes, this is possible if you have more money in your account than the desired amount.

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